Skin before Makeup


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Skincare is the first step before applying any makeup. The key to flawless complexion is a good skincare regimen. Many of you have many steps of your makeup routine daily which consists of primer, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, contouring, mascara, lipstick but when it comes to your skin washing your face is just not enough. The time you put into your makeup should be the time you put into your skin daily to have smooth flawless makeup application. Daily skincare steps consists of: cleansing your skin, exfoliating, toner, serum, moisturize, sunscreen, eye cream and lip moisturizer. When you have a good skincare regimen for yourself, you will not feel the need to wear so much makeup to cover your imperfections. Your skincare products will do that job on the daily.


3 thoughts

  1. Love Love Love! So true! Starting your day with a hot water and lemon can start your metabolism and your day off just right. You are inspiration!!!

  2. My skin is so very sensitive….extremely sensitive. And I live in the Central Valley , that means very much dirt in the air and even inside buildings. What do you recommend as an easy to the skin quick wash? And thank you for all you do!!

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