How sleeping with makeup affects your skin


We all know sleeping with makeup is bad but what is the actual damage it does to our skin. Your skin at night goes into repairing mode. Skin starts repairing and starts regenerating levels of collagen. Our skin goes through a cell turnover which is very important for our skin.  Your skin’s layers start renewing old skin cells and replacing it with new healthy cells. Sleeping with makeup on will not let your skin breathe through the night which causes premature aging. You will start seeing more wrinkles and fine lines because your skin is not going through the process of renewal in order to get fresh radiant skin. Your skin is trapped with makeup causing dullness and acne. Throughout the day, free radicals from environmental pollutants stick to your makeup. At the end of the day if you don’t wash your skin, your skin is being exposed longer to free radicals. Free radicals causes collagen breakdown which results in a loss of youthful skin. We all want that young supple skin as long as possible.

When mascara is not washed off your eyes properly it will cause eyelashes to break and shed faster. Particles from your makeup can get into your eyes from your sleep and cause infections. When lipstick is not removed it causes your lips to be chapped and result in dryness of lips. Most makeups contain artificial colors and ingredients that clog up your pores. Every night that you leave your makeup on you are resulting in more clogged pores. Whether your makeup is non comedogenic or mineral based, all makeup needs to be removed daily. Make up wipes is not cleansing your skin. You need to cleanse your skin with a cleanser and wash off your makeup. Notice when you go through your first wash your makeup is still on your skin. That’s why it is very important you wash your skin couple times gently to remove all color and makeup off. Making sure there is no remainder makeup on your skin before you apply your moisturizer.

Washing your face at night is the most important cleanse of the day. Simple wash your face and sleep clean in order to have healthy youthful skin. When you do not take care of your skin, you are contributing to skin problems.

Hope this encourages you to wash your makeup off daily with a proper cleanse.
You then will get the full potential of a beauty sleep!
Xo, Natalie Papazian


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