Why is toner such an important step in your skincare routine?

Toner is the second step in your skincare routine.

Benefits of applying toner:

  • Restores your skin’s pH balance. It is important to have a balanced pH level. When your skin is pH balanced it is less likely prone to oiliness and infection. The main cause of acne is from excess secretion of sebum.
  • Helps with acne reduction.
  • Soothes, repairs and smooths skin surface.
  • Provides additional cleaning. Toning gives you an extra cleanse after you cleanse your skin with a cleanser.
  • Removes debris of oil, traces of makeup and heavy products like sunscreen.
  • Hydrates and replenishes your skin.
  • Preps your skin for the next skincare step.

It is recommended to use your toner morning and night, daily.


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