When in New York

One of my favorite cities to go to is New York City. I love the energy this city gives me.
We arrived to New York around 5pm. We check into our hotel. The hotel we stayed at was called The London Hotel.


As I was unpacking and organizing all my clothes. I noticed I forgot my toiletry and makeup bag at home. I was so incredibly bummed. The first thing I did was I looked up to see how far the nearest Sephora is next to our hotel, luckily it was a 10 minute walk. I convinced my husband to go to Sephora and I promised him it won’t take too long. I know what I need and what I use I just need to grab them and we will be out of there in no time! Just when I thought I needed couple simple things to get me through the trip. I walked into Sephora and I began to think which one should I start looking for first? Moisturizer, face wash, makeup remover, eye cream, foundation, primer, highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner? I was running all around the store getting everything I needed. Let me tell you that took us an hour to get out of there. Every time I go on a trip from now on I will always get a little travel makeup bag and carry on the items with me on the flight just for back-up. That was the first time I ever forgot something on a trip. I guess it happens to everyone but that was just so hard. I wish I had forgotten shoes or a pair of pants. It would’ve been a lot easier. Anyways, now our exploring begins!

Waking up in New York. The view from our room was absolutely breathtaking. Looking outside the window and seeing the beautiful Central Park. It can’t get better than that! I loved the location of this hotel. It is centered to all the popular must see places you would want to check out during your trip to New York. Here’s a picture of our room.


My satin robe is from Victoria Secret
Phone case & laptop case is from Caseapp.com 
To receive a discount on your custom case, simple use my code PAPAZIAN20 for some savings.

Must see spots in NYC

  • Visit the Top of the Rock. I love the view of this observatory a lot more than the Empire State building view. You see more of New York with this view compared to Empire State Building plus a part of the view is looking at the Empire State Building.



Casual look for the day:
Blazer: Missguided
White tank top: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Chanel

  • Venture over to Brooklyn Bridge, don’t just drive under it. You should try to walk through the bridge as much as you can and get the full experience while enjoying the amazing view. Then of course take those wonderful must have Instagram photos.


It was really cold the day we went. The weather switched up on us. So I had to dress a little warm to be able to walk through the bridge.
My outfit details:
Hat: Forever 21
White duster jacket: Missguided
Black ribbed dress: Rehab
Boots: Louis Vuitton

  • One of the most beautiful rooftops I have ever been to was called The Press Lounge which was located in the Kimpton Ink48 Hotel. A definte must see city view spot. I had no words other than absolutely breathtaking.

Snapseed 9


Outfit look of the night:
Blazer: Missguided
Red pants: Boohoo
Heels: Gianvito Rossi Portofino heels

  • Times Square is a major commercial intersection, tourist destination and entertainment center. The street is filled with bright lights, probably the brightest street that exists. Another great picture spot.

FullSizeRender 3

My outfit
Wool wrap coat: T Tahari from Bloomingdales
Black pants: Zara
Crossbody purse: Louis Vuitton
Sneakers: Chanel

Husband’s outfit
Sweater: Adidas
Jeans: Zara
Tennis shoes: Adidas

  • Baccarat hotel, in my opinion is the most beautiful hotel in NYC. Baccarat hotel is famous for their beautiful crystals and chandeliers. I was in heaven and wish they had a hotel in LA as well. They are known for their marvelous afternoon tea.





Green velvet dress: Fashion Nova
Heels: Gianvito Rossi portofino heels

  • One World Observatory is a beautiful view of NYC. The tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Also while you are there, check out the shopping mall’s architecture, it is amazing.

Snapseed 7




  • Central Park is the perfect place to be during the day to relax. Summer days it is perfect to just simple walk around and take it all in. It is a great place to lay out a blanket and read a book or to have a picnic. Winter days in Central Park when it snows, it is just breathtakingly beautiful, all white everywhere.


My boho-chic outfit look I was going for:
Hat: Forever 21
Ruffle off the shoulder top: Zara
Check pants: Zara
Boots: Louis Vuitton

  • I had never been to Chinatown and Little Italy.  I made sure this trip I saw those two spots. I loved visiting and experiencing both cultures. Seeing the Chinese culture then walking right into Little Italy.


This was my outfit of the day, comfy yet chic. My husband was making fun of me the whole time as I was wearing this hat! He usually loves what I wear but this is the first time he totally disagreed with the look I was going for! I loved it and I’m so glad I bought this hat!
Cabby hat: Forever 21
Turtleneck sweater: Nordstrom
Check pants: Zara
Handbag: Chanel boy bag
Sneakers: Chanel

Great spots to eat

  • For a quick bite to grab lunch it is located in the Plaza hotel called Todd English. Such a cute spot, I loved the decor of the wines displayed and the orange high chairs. Such a nice vibe in there.

Snapseed 6

I had the truffle mushroom flatbread.
Added arugula on top, it was too tasty.


  • A newly opened restaurant, that is a must try for amazing steak and definitely worth it, is Nusr-Et Steakhouse. I have been to the one in Turkey and I was a huge fan of his food and the ambiance.
    Must try steak is the lokum steak, melts in your mouth.


  • Little Italy was a whole lot of pizza, pasta and cannolis. We had some amazing pizza for lunch. The spot was called Lombardi’s pizza.
    I ordered a delicious vegetable pizza.IMG_6386

Great pastry & coffee spots
Our first morning, we decided to grab some coffee and pastries and enjoy our morning in our hotel room. The pastries are from Bibble & Sip. All the pastries looked so yummy, it was so hard choosing.


  • I always some how make room for dessert. This crepe spot is called Viva La Crepe!  Located in The Plaza Hotel. One crepe with nutella and bananas please.
    (You will see my crepe in my vlog)

FullSizeRender 2

  • Eataly is a great concept. It is wonderful to grab lunch, dinner, dessert, and espresso. Full market serving you different types of wines, breads, homemade pasta, different types of meats, different types of seafood and lots more.
    My advice is to go really hungry so you can try a little bit of everything.






  • Nusr-Et Steakhouse has the most delicious baklava I have ever eaten. I guarantee you have never had a baklava like this before. I don’t have a picture of the baklava I was too busy vlogging the whole presentation of how they serve you the baklava. Stay tuned for my vlog to see the amazingness of this dessert. However, I do have a picture of the coffee you have to have on the side with the baklava!

Snapseed 11

  • One of the nights we went to Lavo restaurant for dinner. It is an Italian restaurant and nightclub. One of their famous dessert there was an Oreo stuffed beignets which comes with a vanilla malt to dip into! Too good!

Well that sums up our trip to NYC!
Hope you enjoyed my pictures and my personal tips on my favorites of NYC.
Stay tuned for the vlog!

Xo, Natalie

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