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Happy Summer! Summer has officially begun.
We all want to have radiant glowing skin for summer time. I wear a lot less makeup in the summer which means my skincare routine needs to be on point. I don’t like having makeup on in the heat and when I am in the water swimming. The way I have been getting my skin prepped and summer ready are with these amazing products. Bliss Rejuvenation will keep you glowing all summer!


Bliss Rejuvenation Skincare Review.jpg

Thank you Bliss Rejuvenation for sending me these products.
Here’s a little breakdown of each product and why I love each product so much!


24K Nano Gold Facial Mask & Eye Patches
Face sheet mask and eye patches are both made from 24K Nano gold.  These masks are great to help speedup cellular process which aids in restoring lost aging skin volume. Both face sheet masks and eye patches are great to hydrate your skin, keep your skin feeling youthful and minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. After you remove your mask, the serum that is left on your face gently massage that onto your skin.


Bliss Gold face mask
Bliss Gold Eye patch


24K Gold Foil Soap
This soap bar is not your average facial soap bar. It is made out of 99.99% pure gold foil. I was hesitant on trying a soap bar because I always felt soap bars dry out my skin but after trying this one out I am so glad I gave it a try. My skin feels so good after each cleanse. The main ingredients in this soap is vitamin E, coconut oil and ginseng root extract. These ingredients help firm your skin and fight age spots that you might be experiencing through aging. It will also remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and makeup. The pieces of gold foil will give your skin exfoliation, so you can achieve a smoother brighter complexion.




Purifying Peel Off Mask
The purifying mask is based on a natural bio- active ingredient and formulated with carbon extract, aloe vera extract and oat extract. I love using peel off pore masks to target specific areas that I want to minimize the size of my pores. If you regularly do these masks on a recommended use, you will really start to see your pores shrink. The mask will remove all impurities, blackheads, oil and dirt that is trapped in your pores. We all have those blackheads that do not seem to go away. Instead of scarring your skin trying to take them out, use this mask to help you remove it all. It is great for all skin types. Apply onto clean skin. Leave on for about 20 minutes or when you feel that the mask is fully dried. Remove the mask by peeling (do not wash it off) When you have peeled off your mask, rinse your face with cold water to remove excess mask that did not peel off. The benefits of rinsing your face with cold water is to close your pores. While warm water opens your pores.


Purifying peel off mask

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