A Unique Summer Accessory

This blog post is sponsored by Jord watches. 

I have partnered up with Jord watches to give one lucky person a $100 gift card to shop from Jord watches. All you need to do is simply click the link below and enter your name and email address. Click to enter giveaway

Jord watches is a company that focuses on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. Jord makes hand crafted wood watches. The wood is very lightweight. I have wore many different watches from different brands and some watches the make of it, is so heavy. When I got my watch in the mail and put it on, it felt so good to have watch that is lightweight.

All their watches are so unique. Jord watches has a wide selection of different styles and different wood colors. If you are need to buy someone a gift and you do not know what to quite get, Jord watches is a great gift option. A gift that is simply timeless. These watches are both great for men and women. The watch I chose is from the frankie series the dark sandalwood and emerald. When I saw the emerald green face, I fell in love. My current favorite color right now is emerald green for summer time and I thought this watch color would go great with my summer wardrobe. This watch is not only perfect for an everyday wear but also great to take with you on your summer vacation.


Jord watch flatlayjord-watch-at-perch-downtown.jpg

Jord watches with green palm leaf pants

As I was checking to see what style and color I should order, I noticed the option to engrave. Jord watches gives you the option to add a custom personal touch to your watch. It is a great option to add onto your watch for yourself or for a gift. What’s better than a personalized gift?

Jord watch initial engrave

Jord watch details
Though there can only be one winner for this giveaway, everyone that enters will be getting a 10% discount code. The contest ends July 22.
Time is ticking! Best of luck

Jord Watches

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