Morning skincare routine

I had the pleasure of Trinitae company sending me some of their most popular skincare products. I love the companies slogan “Love yourself first”. Self love is motivation for healthy habits. Appreciating yourself helps you appreciate your life. You look at things in a different way when you truly love and better yourself daily. In everyday life, doing little things that make you happy is key. For example for me after a long day, I love to have quiet time to myself and spend time pampering myself. I love to do a good mask and eye patches. Simply caring for my skin makes me feel so good about myself. What is something you like to do for yourself?


Trinitae is a natural skincare line, pure and essential from the Dead Sea Jordan. All skincare products contains antioxidants, vitamins and omegas which feed your skin with nutrients, providing invigoration, relaxation and healing. Dead Sea salt and minerals have healing properties. Trinitae believes in holistic care for self: body, mind and soul.

A morning Trinitae skincare routine:



Trinitae skincare line

Step 1: Balancing cleansing milk

Trinitae balancing cleansing milk
A gentle cleanser to help remove impurities from the skin while providing hydration. If your skin is in  need of hydration, you want to start using a milky cleanser. Milky cleansers are more moisturizing then all other forms of cleansers, it will not strip your natural moisture out of your skin. This cleanser contains a combination of Dead Sea minerals, floral waters of roses, lavender and shea butter. I have been using this cleanser daily and I feel it nourishing my skin. If you are looking for a new cleanser to try you should definitely try this cleanser out.
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Step 2: Herbal balancing toner

Trinitae herbal balancing toner

Toner is essential to balance your skin. In order for your skin to be healthy it needs to be pH balanced. This toner leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Formulated with floral waters of geranium and lavender, plant extracts, Dead Sea minerals, potent nutrients and hyaluronic acid. Another plus of this toner is the smell, smells so good!
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Step 3: Dead Sea mud facial mask 

Trinitae dead sea mud facial mask
A mineral rich mask that purifies and nourishes your skin. Some key ingredients in this mask is aloe vera, shea butter, rosemary oil, kaoline and chamomile. The chamomile extract, makes the mask gentle and soothing for all skin types. Recommended use 1-2 times a week. When I apply this mask onto my skin I feel a little stingy feeling just for that second. I have really sensitive skin so you might not even have that feeling when applying. However, it did not bother me because I did not feel that in the duration of my mask being on my face. After removing the mask, my mask feels so purified.
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Step 4: Moisture replenishing day cream

This cream gives your skin continuous hydration and protection throughout the day, it is a vitamin rich cream. Main ingredients in this cream consists of floral waters of lavender and geranium, olive oil, chamomile and Dead sea minerals. Recommended use is every morning. I gently apply it onto my skin and I feel the moisture on my skin right away. This cream’s texture feels so good to put onto your skin. I feel like I am putting whip cream on my face.
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These four products are great for a daily skin care regimen.
Comment below with any questions you may have.
Until next time, xo!


This blog was sponsored by Trinitae skincare

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