Know your skin.

A innovative skincare line that targets a women’s cycle and her skin. This skincare line is customized for your skin type based on your hormonal changes.

Knours skincare line is inspired and created for women that experience physical and emotional shifts during their period. Each skincare product is designed to be tailored to various points of a woman’s cycle for maximum efficacy. As hormone levels fluctuate during a woman’s cycle, the effects on skin are typically the most visible. Most women experience breakouts right before or during their menstrual cycle. Knours ensures balanced, clear and glowing skin.

Knours sent me some of their popular items to test out on my own skin. Here’s what I think ..

Knour skincare


  • D-5 Calming Facial Soap: This facial bar removes skin’s impurities and dead skin cell buildup without causing any irritation to your skin. This soap bar is great for all skin types. After trying out this product, I felt my skin cleansed and nourished. Main ingredients in this soap is houttuynia cordata which gives your skin an effective cleanse. Tea tree which is an antibacterial and anti-acne. Gotu kola extracts which is great for anti-aging. This product also has fermented vinegar which helps to balance skin’s pH levels. It is recommended to use daily. I like to keep my bar soap in the shower and cleanse my skin before I get out of the shower.


  • pH 5.6 Body + V Zone Soap: This soap bar is for the body. It is gentle on the skin and prolongs moisture retention. The bar removes impurities and excess sebum on your skin. It has been so hot in LA lately and sweating causes our skin to breakout. I normally never have pimples on my back but I have been getting a few due to this heat. After using this soap bar, it helped clear out my blemishes.


Knour soap bars


  • Sweet Enough Rescue Mask: This is my absolute favorite product from Knours. If you have not tried this sheet mask out, you definitely should order one and try it for yourself. You will love it, I guarantee it! During the sheet mask, you feel all the hydration this mask is giving to your skin. This mask is formulated with honey extract which restores and hydrates your skin. Once I removed my mask, my face had a natural highlight glow to my skin. When you feel your skin needs a pick me up, you apply this on your skin and you see the difference right away. This sheet mask gives your skin the boost of energy by revitalizing and rejuvenating tired dull skin. As Knour says “The best remedy for skin’s worst week”. Must try sheet mask!




  • Double Duty Mist: I love how this brand customizes based on your skin’s needs. This spray mist is a two layer customizable toner. Have you ever heard of a toner like this? I haven’t and that is why I am so impressed. When your skin is dry and flaky you can shake the bottle to mix the layers then apply. When your skin is at its most sensitive and acne-prone, you apply the mist but do not shake the bottle. However the bottle is, you apply just like that. When your skin is at it’s peak condition, you simply just want to apply the mist to get hydration and nutrients for a healthy glow. You shake the bottle once. Personally, I think this is such an awesome product because it is great for everyone. Just because you are experiencing acne doesn’t mean you can’t use this mist. This mist caters to every skin type.


Knour mist


I am honestly very impressed with this skincare line. I love how this line targets all skin care conditions. No matter what condition your skin is in, Knours has you covered! You do not need to switch different products through out the month to cater to your skin care needs. These products you can use all month long, no matter what your skin looks like.

To shop this skincare brand Click here
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.
Until next time, xo!

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