6 timeless essentials in your wardrobe

Every wardrobe goes through trends that come and go but staple pieces are essential for every wardrobe. These items are a must have in every women’s closet. These pieces you will never want out of your closet.

A blazer is a classic piece every women should have. Blazers look good on every body type. You can wear a blazer in a casual way or dress it up. Pair it with jeans, skirt, dress or wear it as a set with matching color trousers.

Nude pair of heels is a must in every women’s closet. If you don’t have a nude pair of heels in your closet, you should definitely get a pair. Nude color goes with absolutely everything, works with just about any outfit. You can wear your heels all year long.  Nude color heels is great for a day time look and an evening look. A neutral shade always looks best. A timeless piece that will never go out of style.

White dress shirt is a great must have in your closet. White dress shirts always are classy and chic. You can dress up or dress down. I love wearing my white button down with jeans.

Sunglasses are a big statement piece that you should own. I love flashy sunglasses. Something bold with pearls or fun colors. Sunglasses just complete your outfit look. I am currently loving the cat eye frames right now.

Sneakers A white pair of sneakers goes great with any outfit. I love wearing my sneakers with a day dress. An outfit with sneakers when you don’t know what to wear. Sneakers are a must when traveling. I remember when I use to travel and take all heels with me. Those days are long gone! Now I pack one to two heels max on any trip.

A classic handbag is a great item to invest in. Something where it is not too small and not too big. My classic handbag is the chanel classic flap bag. I got the nude color and it goes  great with every outfit. I wear it as my daily bag and I can also use it for my evening look. If you are going to invest in a handbag, you want to make sure it does not go out of style.

Is there a timeless piece that you would add to this list? Comment below

7 thoughts

    1. Chanel is always a classic brand that will never go out of style. What is your favorite handbag?
      I agree diamonds are essential as well✨

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