Benefits of a Jade Roller

A jade roller is a daily self care detox.
The ultimate beauty tool from Eastern Chinese medicine.

What are the benefits of a jade roller? Scroll down to hear

Benefits of a jade roller:

  • Removes toxins from the skin
  • increases blood circulation
  • calms inflammation
  • heal breakouts
  • brightens complexion
  • decreases dark circles and under eye bags
  • smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • aids in blocked sinus congestion

By rolling and massaging your face with a jade roller you increase blood circulation. Circulation will help brighten your skin and keep your skin looking awake.

Thank you Jade Roller Beauty for sending me two Jade Rollers.

Jade Rollers.jpg

Prior to using your jade roller, properly cleanse your face. This is not a step you need to follow but if you would like, apply a moisturizer, serum, or oil to your skin. The jade roller will help your skin absorb the product that you just applied.

There are several different types of gemstones for a jade roller that provide different healing properties. Here are some different types. My favorite Rose quartz, no I don’t only love it because it is pink. It is the stone of universal love, calming and healing, also dispels negativity. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, relieves stress and strain, also dispels anger and anxiety. Jade stone promotes wisdom, balance and peace.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller.jpg

Tip- Put jade roller in the refrigerator overnight, so it has a cooling effect on your skin. At times, do you feel your skin shows how tired you really are and you don’t know how to cover it?! Rolling a cold jade roller on your skin will de-puff and reduce swelling.

My morning routine:
Put on some coffee, start sippin’
Remove my jade roller from the refrigerator
Cleanse my skin
Apply some serum on my face
& Start rolling!

Jade Roller & Coffee
Which way to roll?
Jade rollers normally have two sides. One side is for bigger areas like forehead and cheek. The opposite side is for smaller areas like eyes and nose.
You start by rolling from your neck to your forehead, always going in an upward motion. Keeping the jade roller always in an upward and outward motion. The outward motion helps remove the toxins and buildup. We have lymphatic glands both sides of our neck, under our jaw and behind our ears. The jade roller process is a lymphatic massage draining the toxins into to the lymph nodes (the glands). Each swipe should bring you to either of these three points to drain it out.

I love using a jade roller, works great for me. A jade roller is a must in my skincare routine. I love the glow and bright complexion it gives my face.

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Do you use a jade roller in your skincare routine?
If you have any questions, comment below.

Until next time,
Xo Natalie

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