Skincare mistakes to avoid

Common skincare mistakes we do regularly that we do not realize. The best way to avoid skin issues from happening is making sure you are doing the most common skincare mistakes. I wanted to bring to your attention that these things we do daily can affect the way our skin looks.

Lets get to it…

Not wearing SPF
Majority think their skin doesn’t burn and they skip this step daily. Sunscreen protects your skin from the UV rays, that is it exposed to. Sunscreen protects your skin from getting dark spots, discoloration and wrinkles.

Not cleansing properly
One cleanse is just not enough. Double cleansing is a must for everyone. The first cleanse will be to take off makeup, dirt and oils while the second one will be a deeper cleanse into your pores. Making sure no product is left on your face is very important.

Rubbing and pulling at your skin
When applying product onto your face, your really do not need to apply it on so harshly by rubbing or pulling at your skin. Being aware of how you take off your makeup, how you apply your moisturizer and eye cream is something to keep in mind so you do not cause your skin, sensitivity and redness. The best way to apply is by gently patting onto your skin. The product does not have to be rubbed in to get the effect of the product.

Taking burning hot showers
This was the hardest for me and what I personally struggle with. I love taking burning hot showers. I literally have the water to the hottest possibly. Taking hot showers strips your skin of natural moisture and oils. When you take showers in a hot temperature you can cause damage to skin cells which can cause broken capillaries, rashes and blisters.  The best temperature to take a shower in is lukewarm.

Not changing your bed sheets and pillow cases often
Bed sheets and pillow cases have a built up of residue like bacteria, sweat, hair oils, dust , etc. You want to make sure you are changing and washing your sheets and cases often. Call me crazy but I change my pillow case every two days. I sleep on one side, flip it the next day and sleep using the second side then it goes to wash. Specially if you are dealing with acne, this step is extremely important for you.

Not cleaning your phone screen often
How often do you think to clean your phone? Most people do not think of this at all. Our cellphone screens have so much bacteria on it. Making sure you disinfect your phone screen should be a habit for you, at least once a week.

These are some few helpful tips for you to keep in mind. 

Until next time, Xo




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