We are having a Baby!

This has been the hardest secret to keep! So excited to announce that we are pregnant. My husband and I are so thrilled to start our own little family. Our little blessing is on it’s way.

Majority of people thought that we are having a boy. All along I thought I was having a boy as well, until the week of finding out the baby’s gender my feelings changed.

So excited to share with you a glimpse of our gender reveal party!


welcome to gender reveal sign

Gender canon


Some table decor inspo

table details.jpg

table setting

decor details


Up close details of our desserts

cake details.jpg

macaron tower.jpg

dessert details.jpg

gender reveal backdrop

Prom pose

cutting our cake.jpg

kissy kissy.jpg


We are having a girl!

My dream was to have a baby girl and I am filled with so many emotions that my dream is officially coming true. I feel so incredibly blessed.

Its a girl.jpg


Le bump.jpg

We can’t wait for our little princess to arrive~

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